Back pain is one of the most frustrating sources of pain. It is most often caused by problems such as bad posture, poor diet, lack of exercise and a poor mattress. However, there are several back pain influences which people ignore or don't understand. Don't be a victim to these back pain causes.


The wrong pair of shoes can contribute to your back pain, especially shoes designed more for fashion than comfort. High heels and flat bottom shoes, such as flip flops, offer poor support. This causes strain in foot and back muscles and can lead to mysterious back pain.

Avoid these shoes like the plague if you suffer from back pain. Instead, wear running shoes and heel supported shoes or "minimal" shoes. The minimal shoes are specifically designed to lower stress on your feet and alleviate foot and back pain.


Physical activity is one of the best ways to eliminate back pain, but certain kinds of exercise can cause severe back pain. Activities such as jogging and running are great for stamina, but bad for your back . Squats and jumping jacks may tone your abs, but leave your back unprotected during severely high impact exercise.

Even exercises such as sit ups and crunches can cause more back pain than they are worth. Alternate exercises such as yoga, Pilates and swimming can strengthen your back and eliminate pain.


The effects of smoking have been studied and tested hundreds of times and, some studies have shown that it may have some influence on back pain.  In fact, one study showed that up to 33% of all lower back pain sufferers were smokers.

The reasons for this connection are unclear, but doctors suggest a smoking cessation program may help alleviate back pain symptoms.

Raising Children

Most parents don't realize that improperly lifting and holding their children may contribute to back pain. There are several safe child lifting procedures which should help alleviate or eliminate that pain.

These procedures include:

  • Avoid stretching your arms to pick up a baby. Lower yourself close to the child, lift them to your chest and hold them to your waist.
  • Bend at your knees when picking a child off the floor. Make sure to tighten your stomach muscles to support your back.
  • Never hold your child at your hip, as this can add excessive strain to your back.
  • Make sure they never put weight on your neck.
  • Hold your children tight to your body, as holding them at arm's length creates drag that can seriously damage your back.

Now that you understand these common back pain influences, you can work hard to eliminate them from your life. However, if you back pain doesn't go away or becomes worse, it may be time to visit a doctor (or practitioner trained in chiropractic adjustment) who can help find a back pain solution that works for you.