If you've become interested in prescription eyeglasses that function as sunglasses, you might be glad to hear about new technology that should become available to consumers in the near future. Glasses that quickly become shaded on command have significant advantages over other options. 

Glasses That Become Tinted on Demand

Instead of responding automatically to light the way some lenses do, the new technology allows wearers to control when they want their glasses to become shaded. The glasses switch to a dark tint in response to a battery-powered electric charge rather than to changes in light. The glasses might have a tiny switch or button that the wearer can use to activate the tint

These lenses have some distinct advantages over light-responsive lenses. For example, not all light-responsive products work behind a windshield, since the windshield blocks ultraviolet rays that would signal the lenses to change. 

The response in on-demand tint is also much faster than the change in light-adaptive lenses.

Two Current Options

In the meantime, two other main options are available.

Light-Adaptive Lenses

Light-adaptive eyeglasses gradually become darker when the person goes outside into bright light, and then gradually become clear again indoors. They also become darker on sunny days than on cloudy days since the lenses adjust for the level of light present. Some products respond to ultraviolet light and others to the level of visible light. No matter which type you select, the lenses reduce glare and protect your eyes against ultraviolet radiation. 

Prescription Sunglasses

You can order sunglasses with your vision correction prescription and choose any frames you like. This can be a fun option since you have the chance to order two styles of frames -- one with clear or slightly tinted lenses for indoor wear, and shades for outdoors. You can also choose a specific color for the sunglasses lenses and decide whether you want one solid hue or a gradient lens tinted from the top down.

Concluding Thoughts

When you buy your new eyeglasses, ask the eye doctor and the optician if they've heard about the new technology. Optometrists and ophthalmologists tend to keep up with interesting research in the field, and they have likely read about it. If you're interested in trying on-demand tint as soon as the technology becomes available to the public, ask your eye doctor to let you know when this happens, and set your online news alerts for updates. For more information about eyewear options, check out sites like http://www.spectacleshoppe.biz/.