Many people wonder if Lasik is the right route for them. There are so many wonderful advantages to Lasik . The preparation, procedure and recovery are incredibly simple that it is a great option for so many people. Here is what you need to know about Lasik so you can decide if it is the right route for you.


The preparation for Lasik is pretty simple. Before you get the surgery you need to meet with the surgeon to make sure that you are a candidate. Because Lasik uses a tiny laser to shave off a small part of the cornea, the surgeon must determine that your cornea is healthy enough to sustain this kind of surgery. After you have been given the green light from the surgeon you can set a date.

Prior to the procedure you will need to refrain from wearing contacts. Instead, you should wear glasses about a week before the procedure. This will help your eyes and your cornea, to stay healthy. You should also make preparations at home for the surgery, such as get groceries, prepare meals and have help if needed.


The actual procedure is much quicker than most people think. The surgeon will do a little prep work, but then the actual time that you are under the laser is just a few minutes. The whole procedure from start to finish takes about 30 minutes, and this includes the time that is spent numbing the eyes.

The actual procedure is painless since the surgeon will put anesthesia in each eye to make sure that you don't feel anything. Then, they will hold open the eye while they use the laser to shave it.

After The Surgery

After the surgery you will need a little time to recover. They will put some bandages over your eyes for just a short amount of time in the recovery room. During this time you shouldn't feel much pain. Then, once the surgeon removes the bandages, you should be good to go. You should avoid the sun for a couple days as well as avoid putting on make up and sunscreen around your eyes.

For most people, Lasik lasts their entire life time. They enjoy great vision and don't have to worry about glasses, unless of course they need something like reading glasses later in life. It is amazing to know that such a simple, easy and quick procedure can produce such life changing results.