When you are getting a deep tissue massage, you are essentially loosening many of the muscles in your body, causing you to feel much more relaxed overall. You will be able to reduce your stress and increase your feeling of well-being. However, sometimes there are a few side effects from deep tissue massages that you might not expect. Luckily, they are relatively minor and very easy to deal with.

1. Pain

Pain is the most common side effect of a deep tissue massage. This is because the therapist is touching and stimulating muscles that might have gone days, weeks, or even months without being stimulated properly. These muscles will not be able to easily accommodate the stimulation and will send a pain response to the brain. The pain will likely cause you to tighten up, a response that your massage therapist should notice.

If you experience pain at all during your massage, the easiest thing to do is to simply wait it out. After about a minute of your therapist working the rarely stimulated muscle, the pain should subside because the muscle will warm up, loosen up, and essentially get used to the stimulation. If your pain lasts beyond a minute, then you should tell your therapist and he or she will slow down his or her movements and gradually warm your muscle up.

2. Soreness

Another potential side effect is that of feeling sore. When you get a deep tissue massage, many of your muscles are being worked beyond what they normally are. This could easily cause you to feel a feeling of soreness that is similar to how you might feel after an especially intense workout. If your soreness is particularly distracting, isolate one or two areas that are experiencing that greatest feeling of soreness and apply a heating pack or an ice pack to them. If your entire body just generally feels sore, consider wrapping yourself in an electric blanket. The soreness will likely subside by the next morning.

3. Nausea or Feelings of Weekness

When your muscles are worked, there's a chance that you will be letting out toxins. These toxins might take a few days to leave your body and could manifest themselves as nausea or general weakness. If you experience this symptom for more than a day or two, talk to your doctor. 

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