As you age, you may start to notice that your skin is no longer as tight as it once was. This is due to both genetics and environmental factors you encounter. Wrinkles and saggy skin can be depressing when you're checking out your face in the mirror. These are attributed to collagen loss. Even at the age of 20, you will start to lose collagen. While these symptoms are common in women, it doesn't mean you have to just live with it. Thankfully, there have been many scientific studies and improvements that have provided tools to help reverse collagen loss. If you desire younger-looking skin, here are some tips to help reverse collagen loss and cut back on wrinkles.


While you may be aware that exercising can help tone up your body, it can also have a positive effect on your face. As you exercise, you start to develop more muscle. In return, the muscle will help generate new collagen that will help make your face look younger. As you get older, you are much more likely to lose bone density and muscle mass. Staying in shape and keeping your body toned will help keep your face from sagging and looking older. 


Getting healthier, younger-looking skin is not just about taking the right vitamins and using the right lotions. You also have to stay away from certain harmful contaminants that could affect your collagen. Some of the most harmful factors include smoking, stress, and a poor diet. By eating healthy and and avoiding contaminants, you can help preserve your collagen. Smoking tends to be one of the worst factors that affects your collagen. When you smoke a cigarette, it depletes your body of oxygen and exposes your face to free radicals from the cigarette. By quitting, you will see a difference in your complexion over time. 

Sleeping Habits

Many people choose to sleep on their stomach or sides instead of on their back. This can cause wrinkles the longer you do it. As your face is pushed against the pillow, it can restrict blood flow and deplete your face of oxygen. Over time, you may start to encounter wrinkles from sleeping on your face. 


If you think adding a heavy layer of makeup to your face will hide the wrinkles, you are wrong. Heavy makeup will crack and set into your skin the longer you keep it on. It will then rest inside the lines and wrinkles in your face. This will cause the lines to be more prominent. Heavy makeup can also will also dry out your face and clog your pores, which can cause collagen loss. Avoiding heavy makeup and washing the makeup off at the end of the day can help reduce collagen loss. 

For more information about how to prevent collagen loss and avoid wrinkles, contact a dermatologist from an establishment like Desert Dermatology.