As you go through a pregnancy, one of the most exciting factors is the ability to see the growing child through an ultrasound. When you get ultrasound baby pictures, it's fun to share them with family and friends. One of the best occasions to share these images at is a baby shower. Instead of just giving printed images, there are four ways to turn the pictures in fun designs that can be shared at the party. Browse through these designs and decide on the best options for your own baby shower.

Table Centerpieces

Showcase images in a frame for each table featured at the baby shower. With the use of 4D ultrasound pictures (such as those from 4D Baby Photos), you can have different pictures and angles for each table. For example, these image designs can feature close-ups of the face, side profiles, or a full image of the whole baby's body. During the baby shower, you can hold a raffle or play party games to see what family members will win the centerpieces.

Cake Decorations

The images that you get from an ultrasound can be converted into an edible cake. This is a great way to add a theme to the baby shower and can even be used to showcase the gender of the baby. For example, the edible image can be used on the top of the cake while a blue or pink cake batter can be used in the middle to feature the gender.

Calendar Guessing Games

The photos that you get of your baby can be used to create a custom single month calendar. With the calendar hung up at the baby shower, all of the guests can fill in their names on different days to help guess the baby's gender. When the birth comes around, you can go back to the calendar and check to see who guessed the date right. Not only will this make a fun keepsake, but you can offer a reward for the person who guesses it correctly.

Thank You Cards

At a baby shower, you will likely receive a lot of gifts and money from family and friends. Showcase your gratitude with thank you cards that feature custom ultrasound pictures on front of it. This will create a nice card that guests can keep. It allows you to give everyone a picture of the ultrasound while doubling as the thank you card.

By planning ahead, you can receive digital files of your ultrasounds so it's easy to make these prints and ensure that all of the products are available in time for your baby shower.