You may already know that your elderly parent is in need of a hearing test, but don't be at all surprised if they claim there is no problem with their hearing at all. It is not uncommon for elderly adults to be resistant about getting hearing aids or even admitting that they are having a difficult time hearing. If you are pretty certain your aging parent is in desperate need of a hearing device, there are a few things you can do to convince them to have their hearing tested. 

1. Explain how much conversation they are missing. Talking to someone who cannot hear well is always a little awkward. Between having to repeat yourself numerous times or speak loudly just to be heard, you may find yourself not saying much at all. If your parent complains because people don't converse with them often, fill them in gently on the fact that it is likely due to the fact that they cannot hear well. Explain to your loved one just how much conversation they are missing out on and how much you miss their communication and they may be more willing to go for an exam. 

2. Make a hearing test appointment for yourself and convince them to go along. Seeing that you care about how well you hear may be enough to encourage your parent to also get their hearing checked out as well. If your parent sees that a hearing exam is less associated with getting older and more akin to measuring your health, they will perhaps change their perception. Additionally, an audiologist can arrange for the tests to be performed simultaneously so your parent can truly see how much better your hearing is than theirs, which may be convincing enough for them to go ahead and get hearing aids. 

3. Encourage other people to bring up the topic. Sometimes, your parent may not take your advice as seriously simply because you are the child and they are the parent. However, if the advice to get their hearing checked comes from a well-meaning family member or close friend, your parent may take it to heart and follow suit. This tactic can work especially well if it comes from a close friend who is around the same age and has also experienced hearing loss due to aging. However, you can also secretly discuss the idea with your parent's doctor and have them bring up the need for a hearing test in a regular visit. 

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