Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that affects more than three million people a year. While widespread, this disease is curable. However, this is only the case if you are undergoing the correct treatment as there are a number of myths that can lead to unsuccessful results. If you have chlamydia, make sure you know what treatment myths to avoid.

Goes Away On Its Own

Chlamydia will never simply go away on its own. This disease is only curable with medical intervention. If you fail to take the prescribed medication, the disease will only progress. In the early stages, it's not uncommon to have zero symptoms or something as mild as a light discharge. However, in its advanced stages, this disease can spread to other parts of the body and cause symptoms like eye inflammation, rectal pain, fever and lower back pain.  

Once Symptoms Go Away, I Can Stop Treatment

Don't let the disappearance of your symptoms lead you to believe that this disease has been completely removed from your body. It's important to understand that while any symptoms you previously experienced were directly related to the STD, they aren't all that's going on. This disease is the result of an infection. Once you begin your antibiotic treatment, symptoms typically go dormant and subside quickly; however, this doesn't mean they're gone. If you stop treatment before the infection is cleared, the problems will return.

 A One And Done Disease

With some conditions, like chicken pox, once you've had it, your body naturally becomes immune to it – preventing you from contracting it again in the future. Chlamydia doesn't fit in this category of medical conditions. If you are cured from this disease and aren't practicing safe sex, you can get this disease again. In fact, you can contract it an unlimited number of times. Don't ever assume that because you've had it once you won't get it again.  

It's Okay To Resume Sexual Activity During Treatment

As previously mentioned, chlamydia is an internal infection that a single dose of antibiotics won't cure. If you engage in sex before treatment is finished, you can easily infect your partner. However, dealing with this infection can also cause your immune system to weaken, making you highly susceptible to contracting another infection and disease. Even if you're practicing safe sex, never resume sexual activity until you've been cleared by a doctor.

The success of your chlamydia treatment begins and ends with you. Make sure you are following the treatment method as prescribed for the best results. Contact a clinic like Advanced Urology Associates for more information.