If you are having skin issues, such as acne and dark marks, you may try over-the-counter as well as in-office dermatology products for clearing up your skin. If your skin issues have always caused you to feel self-conscious, you may not be willing to try certain treatments that can make the skin look worse before it gets better. If you are interested in clearing up your skin and feeling good in public while you are doing it, here are four ways to look good while performing skin repair. 

Get silk peels

Regular chemical peels often make the skin flaky and peel off for several days at a time. If you tend to be shy about your skin problems, doing a chemical peel then going into public may not be something you are comfortable with. Unlike chemical peels, silk peels are performed with a dermabrasion tool. Other than around an hour of redness, this peel helps to fight acne issues and makes the skin smoother without having to be embarrassed in public. You can get a silk peel once every two weeks to start and ask your dermatologist for a recommendation on continued treatment. 

Buy skin doctor-approved makeup

If makeup gives you a boost in confidence, there is no reason why you can't wear it while gaining healthier skin. Ask your dermatologist for a recommendation of which foundation and powder to wear. They may be able to point you towards brands that have ingredients that will cover your flaws but not clog your pores. It is also possible to wear eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick as you please, as these often cause no problems for skincare. 

Perform cooling masks

Inflammation due to harsh products or due to an acne breakout can cause your face to be red and inflamed. If you want to calm this down, use masks with cooling active ingredients, such as cucumbers, avocados, and aloe vera. These can help to get rid of the facial redness and calm the skin down after any acne treatment that may have caused irritation. 

Use paper towels

If you tend to break out due to bacteria on your face, it can be a good idea to ditch the washcloths altogether. Instead, wash your face with a facial scrubbing brush that is gentle enough for daily use. Remember to disinfect the brush by washing it with an antibacterial soap every week. During your final rinse, wash your face off with cool water to calm down the skin. After you have washed your face, dry your face off with a paper towel. This will expose your face to less bacteria and make your skin look and feel cool and clean.