If you have a child who suffers from mobility issues, you may have contemplated installing a lift chair within your home to help them maneuver between floors easier. When selecting a lift chair, your child's safety when riding in it will be extremely important. Here are some tips you can use to help you when choosing a lift chair for a child.

Consider The Amount Of Space On The Seating Area

When trying out different models of lift chairs, check how much extra space is available on the seating area. A chair with extra seating space may be a hazard to your child as they will not have the stability of the sides of the unit to hold them in place safely. Look for a lift chair with an adjustable seating area so your child fits snugly in the unit. An alternative is to purchase a seating cushion with arms to help keep your child contained inside the lift chair carriage.

Make Sure The Carriage Has Swiveling Ability

Most lift chairs face outward toward the stairwell instead of facing the wall. This allows the user to get out of the unit if there is a malfunction with the chair or emergency situation in the household. When the lift chair gets to the top or bottom step, your child will need to be able to get out of the chair without difficulty. A chair without a swivel function makes it more difficult to gain footing on top of a staircase without the risk of falling down the steps. A swiveling chair will allow your child to move the chair so they can place their feet in a spot away from the edge of the top step, helping to avoid injury as a result.

Limit The Amount Of Features For Smaller Children

A younger child should not be offered several features on the chair to help avoid them pushing the wrong button or switch to get up and down the staircase. Many lift chairs have a remote control available to trigger chair functions. If your child is not yet proficient in reading, and there are several buttons on the remote control, they may have difficulty selecting the proper control for the function they wish to use. One function, however, that should be present is a call button in case your child needs assistance during their venture up and down the steps.

Select A Unit With An Adjustable Seat Belt

To keep your child secure in theirlift chair, a seat belt should definitely be included as a feature. This should be able to be adjusted to a smaller-sized person. Bring your child with you when selecting a chair so you can test the seat belt before making a purchase. Check that your child can open and close the seat belt themselves and make sure to inform them not to ride the chair when it is not properly secured.