Fans of football have been disgusted with the way that many of the harder-hitting aspects of the sport have been toned down over the yeas. What many don't .understand is that football has been linked to encephalopathyn or CTE, a dangerous neurological condition caused by multiple concussions. This particular point was proven years ago after an autopsy on a former NFL player. Before letting your child play football, it is important to understand this concern.

What Is Encephalopathy?

Encephalopathy or CTE is a blanket term that covers a wide range of brain damage types. It can occur in multiple areas of the brain and is caused by the use of drugs, physical health problems, and direct trauma to the brain. One of its major causes is repeated concussions, which occur when the brain hits the inside of the skull during an impact.

Symptoms of this condition include memory loss, personality changes, depression, aggression, loss of body function, seizures, and even coma and death. Teleneurological experts have been diagnosing it in football players ever since a major breakthrough that occurred almost entirely by accident.

The Smoking Gun

The autopsy of former football player Mike Webster in 2002 revealed extensive brain damage that was not at all congruent with his age of 50. He had CTE, a condition which had yet to be linked to football.

Although the NFL fought that finding heavily, it has now become common knowledge that football can cause CTE, especially with repeated concussions. As a result, it is important to ask yourself if this sport is right for your child. While a helmet can protect them from most damage, concussions can be hard to spot and may occur multiple times before they are noticed.

How Teleneurology Can Help

If your football playing child shows signs of a concussion and you're worried about them developing neurological damage, teleneurology can help. This treatment method uses remote care techniques, including instant video chat and other treatment methods, to diagnose neurological problems from a lengthy distance.

This is a particularly useful method if you live far from an appropriate care center and are worried about taking your child on a trip, want immediate care, or can't afford to make the trip. Teleneurology is becoming a popular method of treatment due to these advantages.

Teleneurology can even be a useful way of getting multiple children checked for concussions all at once before and after a football season. In this way, it is possible to ensure everyone is safe from serious damage. For more information, talk to a professional like Telespecialists.