If you are tired of looking through the cloudy vision that comes from having cataracts on your eyes, then having surgery will greatly improve your vision's clarity. However, as with any surgical procedure, cataract surgery does have a recovery period during which you may feel a bit uncomfortable. The good news is there are many things you can do to have a smooth recovery so you can get out and enjoy your clearer vision. 

Here are some tips for self-care after your cataract surgery:

Tip: Apply the Antibiotic Eye Drops as Prescribed by Your Eye Surgeon

When your cataract surgery is over, the surgeon will give you a prescription for some antibiotic eye drops. The purpose of the drops is to prevent a postoperative infection. For this reason, it is vital that you apply the antibiotic eye drops exactly as they are prescribed.

It is important to note that, just as you should always complete your course of oral antibiotics, you should also complete your course of antibiotic eye drops. This helps to prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria from growing.

Tip: Don't Perform Any Strenuous Actions Until Cleared by Your Surgeon

It is very important that you limit the stress placed on your eyes in the weeks after your surgery. Performing any strenuous actions is to be avoided because they could cause strain on the muscles in your eye. This strain can lead to postoperative damage to your eyes at the surgical site. For this reason, you should not do anything strenuous until your eye surgeon has cleared you to do so.

Tip: Spend Time Indoors After Your Surgery

Since there are many opportunities for dust and dirt to get into your eyes when you are outdoors, you should plan to stay indoors during the first few days after your cataract surgery. When you do venture back outdoors, make sure that you wear strong sunglasses to protect your eyes. Wearing wide lenses will also help to keep dust from blowing into your eyes.

Tip: Avoid Swimming and Hot Tubbing in the Weeks After Your Cataract Surgery

Finally, while the tissues in your eyes are healing from the cataract surgery, you must avoid going into a swimming pool or hot tub. Since both are used by many different people and can introduce any contaminants in the water directly to the surface of your eyes, they should be avoided until your eyes are completely healed.