As an expecta parent, there are many decisions that you will need to make throughout the pregnancy and as your son or daughter matures. While the nutritional, educational, safety, etc. choices you are making now are quite important, one of the most essential decisions you will be tasked with in the near future relates to whether or not you want to bank your baby's cord blood. It's often surprising to learn that the benefits of stem cell therapy are not limited to the child it was associated with, as its versatility permits it to be used by siblings, other family members and in some instances, total strangers. If you're unsure if you want to store your baby's cord blood when he or she is born, it's best to consider the facts shared below.     

The Stem Cells From Your Baby's Cord Blood Are Not The Same As Embryonic Stem Cells   

It is important to note that the controversy you may have heard about in recent years regarding embryonic stem cells has nothing to do with the stem cells associated with your baby's umbilical cord. Those cells come from embryos that have been fertilized and not implanted, so they literally manifest and exist only in a lab

Your baby's umbilical cord blood is simply the natura result of being conceived and gestated. Therefore, the controversial issues relating to stem cells that have plagued so many people in recent years are unlikely to be problematic for most parents now.      

The Stem Cells In Your Baby's Cord Blood Could One Day Save A Life

As a valuable source of stem cells that could mean the difference between life and death if your child were to develop a serious illness, being able to access your baby's cord blood is something every parent hopes to never need. Unfortunately, many parents have needed it for their critically ill children and did not have it. Although there are public facilities that freeze and store cord blood, as with any type of tissue, blood, or organ donation, there is no guarantee that there will be an appropriate match for your child if he or she needs it at some point in the future.   

That cord blood can be removed, frozen and safely preserved, without risk to mother or child, immediately after birth. If your son, daughter, friend or family member develops leukemia, lymphoma, certain blood disorders or specific deficiencies with the immune system, stem cells from the umbilical cord can often be coaxed into helping the body to heal. For example, cord blood has been used successfully for almost 30 years to aid in the process of making healthy bone marrow in cancer patients.            

In conclusion, your baby's cord blood can be used to treat numerous serious illnesses that have the potential to result in death. Since it can be removed and frozen without pain or risk to the baby and mom soon after birth, storing your baby's cord blood, and by extension, the stem cells it contains, just makes sense.   

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