If you slipped and landed on your back, you may now have a herniated disc. As a result of the fall and the herniated disc, you may experience a lot of back pain. It's possible that you're even experiencing some numbness. A herniated disc can cause chronic discomfort, but different types of treatments are available. It's important to understand your options before going through with any specific method of treatment.

Using Heat Therapy For Relief

If you're trying to get relief on your own while at home and you're experiencing some discomfort, heat therapy is often a suitable option. You may want to use a heating pad or heating patch. You can typically find heating patches at most drugstores. In addition to heating pads and heating patches, soaking in a tub full of warm water may help you get a bit of temporary relief.

Heat therapy is great for temporary relief, but it's certainly not a permanent solution to the pain you're experiencing. There are some other treatment options that could help to permanently reduce or eliminate the pain altogether.

The Many Treatment Options

Seeking out different treatment options is important. Living with a herniated disc is often difficult because the pain can keep you from moving around freely and doing the things you love to do. With many treatments available, you may be able to find something that works perfectly for you.

Chiropractic Care

Seeing a chiropractor is a great way to seek alternative treatment. You may want to visit a chiropractor before choosing to get surgery as a method of treatment. It's believed that a full spinal adjustment helps to relieve much of the pain experienced by those suffering from herniated discs.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Taking anti-inflammatory medication is often recommended to those with herniated discs because the inflammation is what causes such discomfort. If you're taking anti-inflammatory medication each day, you may start to feel more comfortable while experiencing less pain than usual.


If you're unable to get much relief from alternative options, the best solution for you may be to have a surgery performed. During the surgery, a portion of the disc causing the discomfort would likely need to be removed. The exact protocol varies from patient to patient. It's something you'll definitely need to discuss with your physician.

If you're suffering from a herniated disc and are having a tough time dealing with the pain, there are some different ways to treat the pain. You can try heat therapy as well as several other treatment options, including chiropractic care and anti-inflammatory medication. Surgery may be something for you to consider, too.

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