It can be easy for the average person to fail to see the importance of having a family doctor — until a health crisis that has the same person regretting going without a physician for so long. If you don't currently have a family doctor and you feel that your health is fine, you might not be in any rush to find one. However, this decision can leave you at risk of a variety of health problems, including many that are serious. It's a good idea to find a family doctor in your area who is accepting new patients. Here are some health issues that can worsen if you don't have a family doctor.

Mental Health Issues

When you see your family doctor, he or she will assess your mental health. Even if you haven't specifically made an appointment for this reason, a doctor is always considering this type of health. Perhaps you give some indicators that suggest your stress level is higher than it should be, or maybe you make some comments that are in alignment with depression. Mental health issues can escalate quickly if you don't treat them, and having a family doctor gives you someone who can help in this regard.

Weight Issues

One of the big benefits of seeing a family doctor regularly is to monitor your weight. Without such appointments, it's easy to think that you've perhaps put on a few pounds over the last year, without realizing (or perhaps accepting) that you've actually added 20 or 25 pounds to your frame. This pattern can repeat itself until you're clinically obese. An annual physical with your family doctor provides a baseline to assess your weight every 12 months. If the doctor sees some concerning signs about weight gain, he or she can bring this topic to your awareness and suggest some solutions for you to employ.

Reproductive Issues

Men and women can contend with all sorts of reproductive issues that may affect their lives and even cause problems in their marriage. It can take a lot of courage to visit a specialist, but if you're already seeing a family doctor, it's much easier to share your concerns with him or her. Whether you're having trouble conceiving, frequently suffer from erectile dysfunction, or there's something else related to this topic that is a challenge in your life, having a family doctor encourages you to move forward with a solution.

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