Pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies use clinical trials to test their products on people before making them available to the general public. You may be contacted to become involved in one if you have the condition for which the new product is designed to treat. You will be given many papers to sign, stating that you understand the risks involved, and told what will be expected of you during the trial. In addition, you will acknowledge the amount of money you will receive after completing the trial.

Unfortunately, these trials do not always go as planned. This is why you sign documentation stating that you understand the risks. However, just because you signed a contract does not mean that the company running the trial, or the manufacturer of the product is always free from fault. If you have been injured or developed a medical illness or condition due to the trial, you should contact a lawyer experienced in clinical trial contracts. Here are a few times you deserve compensation and treatment because of what was done to you.

Informed Consent

One of the papers you signed stated that you were informed of everything that could go wrong during the trail and/or afterward. However, if you became sick or injured in a way that was not listed on the paperwork, you were not properly informed. This can happen if the manufacturer does not disclose everything to the people running the trial, or if you were not properly vetted before the trial began. Not only do you need to be aware of everything that may happen, and be told of all ingredients, the people running the trial need to know everything about you medically.


Everyone involved in the trial needs to be careful and follow protocols exactly. If someone changes something, it could be the cause of your problem and you may not have the condition if there was no change. The professionals also need to know when to stop a treatment. If you are experiencing a problem, and they continue the trial, things could get worse quickly. If you inform the nurses and/or doctors if you are having trouble, they should stop all treatments and medication until everyone is satisfied it is safe to continue.

Do not assume that because you signed a contract that there is nothing you can do if something goes wrong during the trial. You may be willing to accept any consequences that are outlined in the paperwork, but if the problem goes beyond what you consented to you have the right to be compensated. For more information, contact establishments like Contracts Associates Inc.