Back pain is one of the unfortunate conditions that many people develop and have a difficult time getting rid of. The pain can become even worse if no medical treatment is obtained, but sometimes a physician might simply recommend physical therapy. You can actually obtain physical therapy and numerous other services for treating back pain by going to a chiropractic clinic. A chiropractor has the skills to reduce or eliminate back pain, but it depends on how severe the condition is. Learn about the common back pain services of a chiropractor by reading the information below.

Manipulate the Spinal Cord

Spinal cord manipulation is one of the most common services that a chiropractor can provide for back pain problems, and it is what many doctors recommend for their patients. Manipulation is a great way to naturally move spinal cord joints around, such as to pop them back into place if they are dislocated. The procedure is also great for getting rid of the air pockets that joints sometimes have between them. Don't expect to experience a lot of pain if your spine has to be manipulated as a chiropractor treats your back pain. You can likely comfortably go through the entire procedure without taking any pain medication.

Soft Tissue Massages

The soft tissues in your back can also be the cause of pain if there is any damage. There is the possibility that you were using your back muscles too often and the soft tissues became inflamed. A chiropractor is helpful for massaging the tissues in a thorough manner to promote healing. The massages can reduce inflammation in a rapid manner, but several sessions will likely be necessary. Massages are ideal because they make it easier for blood to carry oxygen to the tissues that need to be healed.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

Hydrotherapy is very helpful for treating back pain, and it involves using water in a strategic manner. Many chiropractic clinics are equipped with hot tubs, saunas, and other things to carry out hydrotherapy sessions. The sessions can be done in various ways, such as using different amounts of water pressure to help with easing back pain. Different water temperatures are also used during hydrotherapy, as it helps with numbing the pain and improving how well blood flows through the body. Hydrotherapy can actually be a relaxing way to reduce mental stress while treating back pain at the same time.

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