You want to get lush, beautiful hair like you used to have. Back in your early days, your hair was thick and full and vibrant, but now your tresses are sad, lacking, and thinning. You want to enjoy thicker, fuller hair, but all the creams, pills, diets, and even hair growth lotions and potions you've tried before have failed. You've heard of hair restoration therapy, including companies that tout PRP — or Platelet-Rich Plasma — therapy, and wonder if these methods will work well for you. Use this guide to help you determine if hair restoration therapy will finally be your solution to thicker, more lustrous hair.

You don't expect miracles.

Hair restoration therapy won't entirely restore your hair to what is used to be, since age, genetics, lifestyle habits, and your overall health do come into play regarding your hair care routine. However, PRP and other hair restoration techniques can make a difference in the quality of your existing hair and can help promote new hair growth. As long as you don't expect your hair to change overnight and believe that your hair growth will take time, you can have great results and achieve a healthier head of hair.

You have relatively good health.

If your hair thinning and loss is related to poor health or nutrition, or if you have lost your hair due to a medical condition, you'll have to get your health concerns under control before you can expect any type of hair restoration therapy to work efficiently. Your hair loss will be more likely to continue or return if you don't handle the underlying stresses that make your hair strands weaker to begin with. Your hair restoration specialist, along with your general doctor, will help determine the best treatment methods for your hair regrowth.

You are patient.

You are going to have to wait a while to see the results you desire with hair restoration therapy. This means, if you are patient, you will slowly but surely see the thinning parts of your hair get thicker, the strands in your hair grow shinier and more lustrous, and your scalp feel more nourished and less itchy as well.

Your hair can regrow and become healthier to a degree with the right care and treatment. Between your general doctor and your hair specialist, you will be able to get some of your youthful, healthy hair back. Visit a PRP therapist to learn more.