Like many business owners, you may have one staff member take the temperature of every employee as they enter the workplace every day to help reduce the chance of a COVID-19 outbreak at your workplace.

While temperature screenings at the workplace can aid in employee illness detection to potentially reduce the spread of COVID-19, many business owners should consider the benefits of installing a temperature-scanning kiosk instead of relying on an employee with a thermometer to screen employees entering the office. 

Read on to learn about just two of the many benefits of installing a temperature-scanning kiosk at the workplace. 

1. Increase Temperature-Screening Accuracy 

Like many business owners, you likely rely on a forehead, or temporal, thermometer when taking employee temperatures. Unlike other thermometer types, these thermometers, specifically non-contact infrared forehead thermometers, do not need to come into contact with a person's body at all to record their temperature. 

While handheld infrared forehead thermometers are relatively accurate, their accuracy can be easily influenced by human error. For example, if the employee assigned to temperature screening duty does not hold the thermometer in the proper position when recording a temperature or if they choose to take temperatures in an area of the office where there is a draft, they may not obtain an accurate temperature reading. 

While most temperature screening kiosks rely on similar contactless infrared temperature-reading technology as hand-held forehead thermometers, the risk of an inaccurate temperature reading due to human error is greatly reduced when no human hand is holding the thermometer and the location of the kiosk is chosen carefully to avoid environmental influences that can reduce temperature reading accuracy, such as windy drafts and direct sunlight, 

2. Reduce Contact Needed to Take Employee Temperatures

Government agencies have recommended that workplaces follow six-foot distancing guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This number was chosen because respiratory droplets that are released into the air by a sneeze or cough travel an average of six feet before settling onto a surface. 

This guideline is difficult, if not impossible, to follow when an employee is taking the temperature of other employees with a handheld thermometer; these thermometers typically deliver the most accurate temperature readings when placed just inches away from a person's forehead. 

For this reason, the employee you task with taking other employees' temperatures each day may at a greater risk of contracting the virus due to the close contact they must have with each and every employee every day. When you install a temperature-scanning kiosk at your workplace, you do not have to worry that an employee with the virus will transmit it to a fellow employee while taking their temperature from a close distance. 

If you would like to take additional steps to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 around your workplace, then consider installing a temperature-scanning kiosk. This kiosk can help increase the accuracy of employee temperature readings while further reducing employee-to-employee contact that can spread the virus.