We all know that skin cancer is bad, but most people don't realize the benefits of early skin cancer treatment. If caught early enough, skin cancer can be treated with minimal side effects and even cured in some cases. Studies suggest that up to 99% of skin cancers are curable when detected and treated early.

What Does Skin Cancer Treatment Entail?

Most skin cancer treatment options include a combination of surgical procedures and medical therapies. Skin cancer treatment usually includes either surgery or radiation therapy. There are benefits to each of these skin cancer treatments that are common to every skin cancer type.

Surgery is the skin cancer treatment option that removes skin cancers in their entirety. When skin cancers are removed through surgery, they cannot return. The main advantage of surgical skin cancer treatment is that skin cancer is completely removed. However, skin cancer wounds have a tendency to heal slowly because they are so big.

Radiation skin cancer treatment uses high-energy rays to kill skin cancer cells. The energy rays penetrate skin cancer cells, resulting in immediate skin cell death. After radiation, there is no chance for skin cancer cells to regroup and regenerate. However, this treatment option is used when cancer cells are located close to the skin surface because radiation cannot penetrate deep skin layers.

Surgical and radiation skin cancer treatment causes minimal side effects, though each may cause different side effects for different skin types. Surgical skin cancer treatments may result in skin cancer wounds, skin color changes, and skin thickening. On the other hand, radiation skin cancer treatments may result in skin redness, skin discoloration, skin ulcers, or skin breakdown.

Why Should You Seek Early Skin Cancer Treatment?

It is crucial to treat skin cancers as early as possible to increase the likelihood that cancer will be positively treated with minimal side effects. Additionally, skin cancer treatment at its earliest stages yields the best cosmetic results with less skin grafting.

Here are five reasons why early skin cancer treatment is vital:

  • It gives you a better chance of full recovery, with less damage done.
  • It reduces the chances of metastasis (spread) by slowing down tumor growth.
  • It reduces the chances of skin cancer recurrence.
  • Early treatment allows for better precision with minimal skin damage to the area.
  • There is less time lost from work.

The Bottom Line

Skin cancer is a serious condition that can cause skin destruction if left untreated. The good news is skin cancer treatment is highly successful, and survivors often receive multiple benefits from early skin cancer treatment.