Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments adults experience. If you have had to deal with lower back pain, you are not alone at all. In fact, many adults consider surgery for this kind of pain.

Today, many surgeries are minimally invasive. If you are considering surgery to treat your pain, these are some of the questions you might have.

When Should You Get Back Surgery?

There is no "perfect" time to get surgery, so this is really a judgment call. Many doctors recommend surgery, even one that is minimally invasive, only after trying out your other options. For example, you might try physical therapy or steroid injections first to ease inflammation.

Some people pursue all their options before they even see a surgeon. They might try everything from chiropractic care and dry needling to electrical muscle stimulation and cold therapy. Treatment may work slightly, but this may not be enough to treat your pain.

What Kind of Surgery Do You Need?

Several surgical options may be available to you, but the type of surgery you will need depends on the cause of your back pain. Surgeons may remove or replace parts of your body that are contributing to your pain or causing more pressure, for example.

You may be able to get a minimally invasive surgery if you need one or multiple issues addressed, but not every instance will qualify. If having a minimally invasive surgery is important to you, it is worth bringing to the attention of your doctor.

What Are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery?

The doctor may recommend this surgery if it is available because it requires less recovery time. You will have an easier time healing, which means you also have a lower risk of infection. You will be able to return to your daily routine much sooner, and your incisions will be much smaller.

What Happens After Surgery?

If you have concerns about the pain after surgery, you may continue to return to physical therapy as your pain eases up. You may find yourself with more function and mobility after surgery.

How Can You Get Help Deciding if Surgery Is the Right Option?

You have many ways to get answers to your questions about minimally invasive spine surgery, but the best way to get assistance is to speak with a doctor. Your doctor will provide guidance on the best kind of surgery for your condition.