Therapy can be helpful for most people. There are several kinds of therapy that you can go to. One kind is group therapy. Groups are led by a mental health professional and usually set up so that the people in the group deal with the same kind of issue. So, you can find groups for people who are dealing with substance abuse, anger issues, domestic violence, grief, bipolar disorder, and just about any other issue that exists. Doing group therapy has a lot of benefits. 


 If you are trying to do things on your own, it's easy to tell your therapist that you are doing everything you're supposed to. There is no one outside that will catch you and make you be accountable for keeping up with everything. But, in group therapy settings, several other people are willing to ask you whether you did what you said you were going to do, or if you are avoiding the things you are supposed to do. It's easier for you to follow through if you know that the people in your group are going to talk to you about it. It's also easier for you to make it to the group sessions because you know that you have to tell your fellow members why you missed a meeting. 


On top of accountability, the other people in your therapy group can offer you a lot of support. One reason for it is that they know what you are going for in a way that other people won't. The people in your therapy group are going to have gone through the same kinds of things that you have. They are working to come out on the other side, just like you. Having people who have been there and done that around you can be really helpful because they can give you hope that you can work through your issues as well. You can also share the positive coping skills that you have developed and hear the coping skills that other people have developed, which might help you deal with your problems. 

There are very few people who wouldn't get some kind of benefit from therapy. Therapy comes in many shapes and forms, which should make it easy for you to find the method that works best for you. Group therapy is just one of the choices out there and one that comes with a lot of benefits. See if you can find a group treatment meeting that will meet your needs.