Has your doctor recently told you that the best way to treat or manage your disease is to have regular infusions of a specific medication? This can be a scary and uncertain position to be in. Indeed, some drugs do work best when infused, and sometimes, those are the drugs you really need to get better. Still, having to report to an IV treatment clinic for regular, repeated IV infusions of medication can be frustrating and even a little uncomfortable. Here are some tips you can follow for a better experience.

Look for a dedicated IV infusion clinic near your home.

Most hospitals do offer IV infusion services, but if you can find a dedicated IV infusion clinic near your home, that's probably a better option. At dedicated IV infusion clinics, the staff is all specifically trained to administer infused medications. They'll have a protocol meant to keep patients like you comfortable, and the setting tends to be a lot more relaxed since there are no surgeries or emergencies like there are at the hospital.

Drink lots of water beforehand.

IV medications are administered with fluid, so sometimes patients figure there is no reason to bother drinking and hydrating before an appointment. But if you show up dehydrated or under-hydrated to your appointment, your veins will be harder to locate and puncture, which will make the process of starting the infusion less pleasant. Sip water or a sports drink in the hours leading up to each infusion session, and your practitioner will have an easier time pricking your veins.

Bring something to do that relaxes you.

When you relax, your muscles become less tense, which reduces pressure on your veins. This allows the infused medication to flow into your veins more easily. It also makes the IV catheter more comfortable. So, download a good podcast, bring your favorite book, or find a new album to listen to as you undergo your hydration session. 

Rotate arms.

Don't ask for the infusion to be given in the same arm every time. The more times a certain vein is punctured, the harder it becomes to puncture again. Rotating between arms will help prevent your veins from becoming scarred and harder to access.

Sometimes, IV infusion therapy is what you need to get better. If you find yourself in this situation, adhere to the tips above. Talk to a professional IV infusion practitioner for more advice.